A Range of Cajun Seasoning Recipes For
Capturing Authentic Flavours & Aromas

If you're into Cajun cooking, then making a homemade Cajun seasoning is an absolute must! This most cosmopolitan of cuisines has many culinary influences from countries from around the world: French, Caribbean, Native American, Spanish, Italian and African to name just a few.

Click the Image Links below for various blends that will complement this style of cuisine perfectly. Gumbos, jambalayas, boudins, crawfish boils and the classic rice and gravy are just a few traditional dishes you could use these homemade mixes with.

Homemade Cajun Seasoning Recipes

A Versatile, All-Purpose
Cajun Spice Mix

A Smoky Blend For
Traditional Flavours

Basic But Will Still
Add Tons of Flavours!

One With Filé Powder -
Ideal For Cooking
Authentic Gumbos

Popcorn Mix - Perfect
For Homemade Hot,
Buttery Popcorn

All-Purpose Blend - Use
For Blackening, as a Dry
Rub or Just For Flavour

Perfect For Pan
Blackening Fish,
Chicken or Steak 

An Easy-to-Make Mix
Using Traditional
Herbs and Spices

An Quick and Easy
Version With Sweet
Paprika Powder

Note: In the recipes above I like to use as many whole ingredients as possible which I then grind and combine as these have the best flavours. However, if you don't have whole spices available you can use pre-ground powders and reduce the quantities by half.

For example if a recipe says 2 tablespoons of whole peppercorns you use 1 tablespoon of pre-ground pepper. You do this for all the ingredients that you don't have whole. Read more about this. (Link opens in new window)

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Image Links to Other Homemade Mixes You May Enjoy

Hot, Spicy and Mild
Taco Seasonings -
For Fab Tasting
Mexican Tacos

A Range of Simple
and Complex
Cooking Blends

A Collection of Spice
Mixes For Superb
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