A Collection of Delicious Homemade
Poultry Seasoning Recipes

Your lovely juicy bird is sitting there waiting to be grilled, fried or oven cooked and all you need now is a quality homemade poultry seasoning! And the collection of recipes below, using a blend of spices and dried herbs, are guaranteed to add fab flavours and mouthwatering aromas however you plan on cooking.

You'll find blends for chicken turkey and game and all are easy-to-make and only take minutes to put together! Click the Image Links for your favourite recipes. 

Poultry Seasoning Recipe Collection

Turkey Seasoning

Turkey Rub

Paprika and Dried Herb
Deep Fried Turkey Mix

Fried Chicken Mix

A Herby All-Purpose
Poultry Mix 

Chicken Seasoning

Turkey Rub

Fried Turkey Seasoning

Note: For the best flavour, I recommend using as many whole spices when making your poultry rubs and seasoning mixes as these will add the best flavours to your grilled, fried or oven cooked birds. However, if you don't have them all available simply use pre-ground powders and reduce the quantities by about half. For example, if it says 2 tablespoons cumin seeds you use 1 tablespoon pre-ground cumin and so on.

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