A Collection of Your Favourite Homemade Spice
Mix Recipes For Fabulous Taste and Aromas

This is a collection of popular homemade spice mix recipes ideal for tasty, natural home cooking. They are made with whole ingredients that are toasted before grinding and then combined with pre-ground powders and dried herbs to recreate authentic flavours and aromas from all around the world.

Click the Thumbnail Images for your favourite seasonings and get ready to add mouthwatering flavours and sublime aromas to your food!...

A Sausage Blend - A
Herby Recipe For
Your Sausages

Apple Pie Spice -
Perfect For Apple Pies
and Other Desserts

Chinese Five Spice - Capture the taste of China and Asia

Herbes de Provence - The Famous, Classic French Herb Blend

Popcorn Mix - Easy 
to Make With a
Cajun Twist

Italian Herb Blend -
Add the Flavours of
Italy to Your Meals

Sambar Powder -
The Classic Southern 
Indian Blend

Shichimi Togarashi -
The Flavourful
Japanese 7 Spice

Rasam Powder - A
Super Versatile Mix
Perfect For Soup

Mulling Spices - Enjoy
a Glass of Spiced
Wine All Year Round

Pickling Spice Mix - Pickling Fruit and Veg the Traditional Way

Authentic Creole  -
For Creole Cooking
at its Finest

Bafat Masala - The Classic Mix Used in Mangalorean Food

Panch Phoron - The Super Easy-to-Make Bengali Spice Blend

Pumpkin Pie Blend -
Great For Pumpkin, 
Puddings and Pies 

Lebanese Spice - Add
Lebanese Flavours to
Your Home Cooking

Hawaij Recipe - Recreate
the Essence of Yemeni

Corned Beef Mix - For
Corning Meat as Folks
Have Done For Years! 

Salmon Seasoning - A
Delicious Lemony Mix
For Your Salmon

Fajita Seasoning - Perfect
For Your Homemade
Fajitas and Tex-Mex Food

Greek Seasoning - A Herby
Seasoning For a  True
Taste of Greece

Note: For the best flavours and aromas, I recommend using as many whole spices as possible in the recipes below. However, if you don't have them all available, use pre-ground powders and reduce the amounts by half.

For example, if it says 2 tablespoons cumin seeds you would use 1 tablespoon pre-ground cumin etc. Read more on using whole and pre-ground ingredients. (Link opens in new window)

Toasting and Grinding Ingredients

Italian sausage seasoningItalian Sausage Seasoning

To really extract the flavours, aromas and colours out of the above, I advise toasting the whole ingredients before grinding. This releases the essential oils and greatly enhances them.

It's such a simple process and in most cases can be done in less than ten minutes.

If you've never done this before, you really are in for a pleasant surprise! It certainly gives your spice mix recipes (and food) a WOW factor! Click here for photos and tips on grinding and toasting. (Link opens in new window)

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