Spiced and Herbal Tea Recipes For Your
Health, Vitality and General Well-Being

If you're into herbs and spices then you're sure to appreciate the various spiced and herbal tea recipes below! Super easy-to-make these delicious beverages are a fabulous way of adding more essential vitamins and minerals to your diet and bring with them a whole host of medicinal, vitality and well-being benefits.

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Parsley Tea - A Light and
Super Tasty Cuppa

Basil Tea - A Tasty Beverage
Made With the World's
Favourite Herb

Sage Tea - A Potent Brew
With A Strong Sagey Flavour

Peppermint Tea

Lemongrass Tea

Rosemary Tea

Ginger Tea Recipe

Thyme Tea

Ingredient Note:
In most of the above I like to use as many fresh herbs as possible as these will have the most health benefits. However, if you don't have fresh, for most you can substitute with dried herbs which are detailed in each recipe. With the spiced tea recipes obviously you'll use mainly dried spices with a few exceptions.

Homemade Herbal Tea Recipes

A Step-by-Step Instructional Video

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Why You Should Make Your Own Spiced and Herbal Teas...

This collection of my favourite homemade spice and herb tea recipes are easy-to-make, full of taste and flavour, and have a ton of health benefits...

They are all made with everyday herbs and spices commonly used in your cooking and recipes. And you can use fresh or dried herbs for most of the recipes.

For thousands of years lots of cultures and civilisations have been using herbs and spices not only for enhancing and flavouring food, but for a whole range of traditional healing, medicinal and well-being purposes.

And often they added spices and herbs to drinks such as tea, broths and soups for their superb health giving properties.

Studies done today on the medicinal properties of herbs and spices are still turning up new insights on their usefulness to our health and well-being, something traditional medicine seems to have known about for many centuries!

Just some of the benefits to making your own...

  • If you use fresh herbs they'll be unprocessed, much more natural and contain more vitamins and minerals compared to commercial blends
  • Cost! Especially if you grow your own herbs and spices you'll have an endless free supply and be able to enjoy the many herbal tea benefits anytime you like
  • You're in charge of what goes in your beverages. For example, if you make a parsley brew, there is nothing stopping you adding other healthy herbs as well: thyme, ginger root, rosemary, sage etc. You get the idea, nothing is set in stone when you make your own! 
  • No added extras e.g no additives, preservatives or artificial colourings

Of course it's very easy to pop to the store to buy commercial herbal tea, but if you appreciate tasty, natural homemade beverages then I suggest you to have a go at making your own. And with just a few spices and herbs you can create the drinks you enjoy anytime you want....

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