A Range of Delicious Homemade Cooking
Spices From All Around the World

Creating your own homemade cooking spices is the key to fabulous tasting food with mouthwatering aromas. Some are easy and basic, whilst others are complex, but each one will allow you to recreate authentic flavours and aromas of cuisines from all around the world.

Click the Image Links for your favourite homemade recipes and enjoy taking your home cooked food to a whole new level!

Homemade Cooking Spices

Brisket Rub Recipe - 
Add Fab Flavours 
to Your Briskets

Steak Seasoning -
Superb Taste For Grilling
and Frying Your Steaks

Berbere Recipe - The
Complex, Traditional
Ethiopian Blend

Mulled Wine Mix - Enjoy
a Delicious Warming
Spiced Wine Anytime

Japanese Seasoning -
Better Known as
Japanese 7 Spice

Greek Seasoning -
Recreate the Essence
of Greek Cooking

Pumpkin Spice - Ideal
For All Pies, Puddings
and Desserts

Homemade Fajita Mix -
Perfect For Your Tex-
Mex Cooking

Hamburger Seasoning -
A Tasty Blend For the
Home Burger Maker

Herbs de Provence -
The Classic, Traditional
French Herb Blend

 Homemade Creole Spice
- Recreate the Flavours
of Creole Cooking

Moroccan Blend
(Ras el Hanout) - One
For the Adventurous Cooks

Fish Seasoning - Add
a Delightful, Lemony
Flavour to Your Fish

Montreal Seasoning - A
Flavourful Recipe For
Your Grilled Steaks

Fines Herbs - A Blend
of Herbs For Classic
French Flavours

Mixed Spice - Perfect
For Your Puddings,
Pies and Desserts

Blackening Spices - Add
a Cajun Twist to Your
Fish, Chicken & Steaks

Harissa - The Super
Fiery Tunisian 

Japanese Gomasio -
Nutty & Ideal For Folks
a Low Sodium Diet

Chinese Five Spice -
Capture the Taste and
Aromas of China

Pickling Mix - Preserve
Fruit and Veg the
Traditional Way

Note: I recommend using as many whole ingredients as you can when making your cooking spices as these will add the best flavours. However, if you don't have them all you can use pre-ground powders if you reduce the quantities in the recipe by half.

For example, if it says 2 tablespoons whole black peppercorns, you would use 1 tablespoon pre-ground pepper. Do this for all the whole ingredients that you only have in powder form. Read more about this. (Link opens in new window)

Image Links to Other Tasty Blends You May Like to Try

BBQ Rubs For
Superb Grilling,
Smoking and

Chili Powders - A
Range of Hot, Mild
and Fiery Mixes

A Range Of Fajita Blends
For Fabulous Homemade
Tex-Mex Meals

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