A Collection of Delicious Homemade
Spice Mixes For Fab Home Cooking

This collection of homemade spice mixes use a combination of herbs and whole and pre-ground ingredients that will add fabulous flavours and aromas to your home cooking and will allow you to recreate the authentic tastes of cuisines from all around the globe.

The recipes below range from the very simple to fairly complex, but all will improve your cooking no end! Click the Image Links for your favourites.

A Collection of Herb and Spice Mixes

Tabil - A Flavourful
Mix Used in Algerian
and Tunisian Cuisine

Khmeli suneli -
Capture the Fab
Flavours of Georgia

Fines Herbes -
The Classic French
Herb Blend

Creole Seasoning Add the Taste of Louisiana to
Your Meals

Rasam Powder - For
Fab Southern Indian
Flavours & Aromas

Dukka - Capture the
Flavours of Egypt
With This Nutty Blend

Sambar Powder - The
Classic Southern
Indian Blend

Blackened Seasoning
- For Searing Fish and Chicken to Perfection

Five Spice - Capture
the Essence of Asian
and Chinese Food

Advieh - Popular in
Persian Cooking and
Great For Chicken,
Rice and Beans

Baharat - A Middle
Eastern Recipe Ideal
For Lamb, Fish,
Chicken & Beef

Italian Seasoning -
For a True of Taste
Italian Cuisine

A Simple Pork Chop Seasoning With
Massive Flavours

Japanese Gomashio -
A Tasty Blend of Salt
and Sesame Seeds

Zahtar For an
Authentic Taste
of the Middle East

Corned Beef Mix -
For Corning Beef
Traditional Style

Montreal Steak Seasoning - Add the
Fab Taste of Canada
to Your Steaks

Bouquet Garni For
Classic French

Panch Phoran - The
Bengali and Eastern Indian Favourite

Jambalaya Mix - Capture the True Essence of Louisiana

Add Spicy, Herby Flavours to Your
Burgers and Sausages

Pickling Spice -
Preserve Fruit and Veg
the Traditional Way

Mulled Wine Mix -
Enjoy a Glass of Hot
Mulled Wine Anytime

Beef Stew Mix -
Perfect For All Your
Meaty Home Cooking

Seasoning Salt - Salt
Delicately Flavoured
With Herbs & Spices

Mitmita - The Piping
Hot Ethiopian Blend

Rice Seasoning - Add
a Tasty Twist to
Your Rice

Idli Podi - The
Flavourful Blend
From Tamil Nadu

Sausage Seasoning -Perfect for Your Sausages, Patties
and Burgers

Greek Seasoning -
Add the Taste of the
Greek Countryside to
Your Meals

Xawaash - The
Classic, Complex
Ethiopian Blend

Pumpkin Spice - For
All Your Fruit Pies, 
Puddings and

To get the best from your spice mixes, I generally recommend using whole ingredients where possible. However, if you only have pre-ground powders available, just use those and reduce the quantities the recipe requires by half. For example, if it says 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds, you use 1 tablespoon of pre-ground cumin. And you would reduce any others you don't have whole by half also.

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