Homemade Panch Phoran - A Traditional
Bangladesh and Bengali Seasoning

Panch Phoran is a basic mix of five whole spices often referred to as Bengali 5 spice. Traditionally the ingredients are simply combined and used whole in your recipes, but I prefer to get out the mortar and pestle and give them a very coarse grinding so they're basically just cracked. But either way is fine. (See the bottom of the page for links to more of my recipes)

What You'll Need: (makes 15 tablespoons)

3 tbsp nigella seeds
3 tbsp mustard seeds (any colour)
3 tbsp cumin seeds 
3 tbsp fennel seeds
3 tbsp fenugreek seeds

tbsp = tablespoon


  • Simply combine the ingredients together and use whole in your dishes


  • Add them to your mortar and pestle or grinder and grind them very coarsely. If using your grinder a quick pulse of the button will suffice

Store in an airtight jar out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. Use within 6 months.

Note: There is some confusion over nigella. If you buy them online there is a chance you may end up with black onion or black cumin seeds as they look very similar. So be careful and try and get the real thing.

Ingredient Note: It's recommended you use whole spices for this blend as this is the authentic way they use it in Bengali cuisine. If you don't have them available, use pre-ground and reduce the quantities in the recipe by about half. So for 3 tablespoons of whole fenugreek you would use 4 teaspoons of pre-ground fenugreek. Reduce any others you don't have whole by half as well and, in a bowl, combine with any others.

Panch phoranPanch - Bengali 5 spice

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