Poultry Spices - An Easy-to-Make Herby
Blend For Game, Turkey and Chicken

This recipe for poultry spices is a good all-rounder and is ideal for when barbecuing chicken or turkey. And, with a little bit of paprika, it also works with game birds. It uses a lot of dried herbs which go nicely with the more delicate types of meats and you can use it as a rub or a general seasoning. (See the bottom of the page for links to more of my recipes)

Note: If you don't have whole peppercorns or onion flakes, you can use ground powders. If you do, just reduce the amounts the recipe says by half. So instead of 2 tablespoons of peppercorns you use 1 tablespoon of ground pepper. Reduce the onion flakes likewise if necessary.

Homemade Recipe For Poultry Spices

Ingredients: (makes about 12 tablespoons)

3 tbsp dried parsley
3 tbsp dried sage
3 tbsp dried marjoram
2 tbsp onion flakes
1 tbsp dried rosemary
1 tbsp black peppercorns
1 tbsp paprika powder
2 tsp garlic powder
1-2 tsp sea salt

tbsp = tablespoon
tsp = teaspoon


  • Coarsely grind the parsley, sage, marjoram, rosemary, onion flakes, salt and peppercorns
  • Add to a bowl
  • Stir in the garlic and paprika

Note: Don't grind the herbs and spices too fine, you want a bit of "chunkiness".

Store your poultry seasoning recipe in an airtight jar out of direct sunlight. Use within 2-3 months.

How to Use as a Poultry Rub

Picture of poultry seasoning

You may have your own preferred way, this is how I do mine...

...Liberally sprinkle the blend over your meat and massage in so it's evenly coated.

Cover with plastic wrap (cling film) or seal in a sandwich bag and place in your refrigerator for a couple of hours or overnight.

An hour before you begin cooking remove from the fridge and let it return to room temperature.

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