How to Make Pumpkin Pie Spice and Add Fab
Flavours to All Your Pies and Desserts

When you make pumpkin pie spice yourself, you'll soon discover the difference between a commercial mix and a homemade one! The freshness of the ingredients and the fabulous flavours and mouthwatering aromas it'll add to your pumpkin pies, puddings and dessert has to be tried to be believed! (See the bottom of the page for links to more of my recipes)

Ingredients: (makes about 5 tablespoons)

2 x 3 inch sticks of cinnamon
1 tbsp ground ginger
4 tsp allspice berries
2 tsp whole cloves 
1 whole nutmeg

tbsp = tablespoon
tsp = teaspoon


  • Grate 2 teaspoons worth of nutmeg
  • Break up the cinnamon stick
  • Grind the cinnamon pieces with the cloves and allspice berries
  • Once ground, sieve into a bowl
  • Finally, add the grated nutmeg and ginger powder to the bowl and combine thoroughly

Store your pumpkin spice in a cool place in an airtight jar and out of direct sunlight. Use within 3 months.

Ingredient Note:
 I try and use a few whole spices when I make pumpkin spice as these will add the best flavours. You can use pre-ground powders if you like and simply halve the quantities in the recipe. So instead of 2 teaspoons of whole cloves you would use 1 teaspoon of pre-ground cloves. 
Reduce any others you don't have whole by half as well and stir in with any other powders when making.

A Step-by-Step Instructional Video

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